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TM Custom Auto Trim and Glass Limited was one of the first dealers in Canada to offer sunroof repairs. We use original equipment and parts to repair and restore your vehicle’s sunroof. You can be assured of the quality of our work. Our servicemen have experience repairing the sunroofs of several types of car models.


We can help prevent leaks and pooling of water by making sure the drain tubes for your sunroof are free from obstruction and damage.  We recommend periodic clean out of the drain tubes as part of a routine maintenance for your sunroof and provide this as well as an inspection and lubrication service for the operating mechanism.

We have relationships with GTA car dealerships and accept insurance claims. If your sunroof was damaged in an accident, we could restore or replace it using factory parts. At TM Custom Auto Trim and Glass Limited, we take pride in restoring auto interiors and getting them back to their original quality. If you need sunroof repairs done on your new or classic vehicle, then give us a call and we can get the job done right.


Clients that bring their automobiles to us for interior restoration and sunroof repair can be assured of our attention to detail and workmanship. We try to create a finished product exactly like the original factory finish through our restoration work. Additionally, we offer our clients custom solutions if they want their interiors to differ from the stock factory interiors. The possibilities are endless.


Rely on us to get your vehicle's sunroof in proper working order.


Read what some of our clients say about our services.


“I met Chris and Tony on a referral from a Nissan dealer. I have a 2006 350z convertible. The roof alignment was off, preventing proper closure. This was due to prior shoddy workmanship..that's another story. Anyway Chris and his team did a diagnosis of the problem, made the appropriate recommendations for repairing it and went to work. Keep in mind that the auto repair industry has no shortage of shops wanting to upsell solutions that are unnesseary and expensive. Not here. These guys have integrity. Because my car is a bit older it took some time and effort to source parts. In one instance they actually had to machine a part that wasn't available in the after market. Real McGuyvers they are. Once they had the parts the work was done within a reasonable period of time. One of the most impressive facets of the way TM operates is the Communication. Chris calls with updates on part sourcing and timing throughout the process. There is a lot of experience in this shop and the client service is outstanding. I highly recommend TM and if you catch them on the right day the pastries are not bad either.”

- Paul M.

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